Why Strollers Make a Fine Present for New Parents

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Why Strollers Make a Fine Present for New Parents


Upon the arrival of a new baby, one of the biggest purchases that parents need to make is a baby stroller. Are you thinking of what to give as a present to someone close to you who has just had a baby? Think no more. Baby strollers are fine presents for new parents, as it serves the purpose of keeping the baby safe as well as being convenient for the parents to roam around town with the baby in the stroller, instead of carrying them around 24/7. If we put it simply, strollers can make life a great deal easier for new parents. It helps parents get back to their daily routine more quickly, just by simply putting their baby in the stroller, which eases the pressure of carrying them around all the time.

When it comes to newborns, they need to lie flat and have to face the person carrying them when going to the supermarket or even for a walk. The parents are then comfortable to shop while the baby is lying in the stroller. You can even make them sit with your help. For newborn babies, strollers with reclining seats are best fitted at this stage.

When the child is around 6 months, they are comparatively independent and learn to sit on their own and there is no need for the reclined position. At this stage of their development, strollers become rather useful, as taking them outdoors in a stroller helps parents to introduce them to the world around them. They can sit and watch the world go by, enjoying the little joys of life and the parents can alsorelax and adore the moments.


Walking in the park or in the mall can be tiring, even for adults like us. So imagine toddlers roaming around the mall and the unnecessary strain it can put on their tender feet. We would most definitely not want that, would we? This is where a stroller comes in. It is the perfect solution as it delivers greater mobility for the tired little ones. Besides providing the child with a comfortable, and not to forget, safe ride, most strollers come with a storage space at the bottom, which makes them ultimate shopping companions.

Strollers are not only aid in the baby’s development, but they are also quite helpful for the parents too. Parents who are looking for something that is convenient, easy to handle, and safe may find that a stroller is just what they are looking for, which is why it serves as fine presents for new parents. It not only eases the pressure of handling the baby, it also lets them go about their routine, without much of a hassle.

So after going through the whole thing, you probably would not be confused about what to give to new parents. While strollers may go slightly above your budget, it will truly be a thoughtful gift. In addition, it is something which the new parents will be able to put to good use.



Tips for Selecting a Baby Stroller

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Buying the right baby stroller for your baby can almost be as complicated as buying a car. There are many factors that come into play such as your height, lifestyle, arm length and personal preferences for the different features and extras. You can therefore easily feel overwhelmed as you shop around. Whereas your baby will spend a relatively short time in a stroller, you want to ensure that you enjoy it while it lasts. Use the following tips for selecting a baby stroller in order to have an easier time making your choice:

Stroller Selection

Take the stroller for a test drive—fully loaded.

It is absolutely essential to test the stroller’s maneuverability, no matter which type of stroller you want to buy. Most strollers will handle well when empty. There are,however, some strollers which will not handle 25 pounds of baby and gear very well. Try to load some weight on those stroller models on the store floor and push with one hand. That is when you begin to notice the differences

Check how the easily the stroller folds

This is also an important aspect to consider particularly if you will be frequently taking the stroller in and out of your car. Check whether it collapses and opens up easily and if you can do this one-handed. A good option is a heavier model that folds easily.

Choose the stroller based on your lifestyle

Your lifestyle will influence your decision on the best stroller for your baby. For instance if you do not jog or engage in off-road activities, a jogging stroller is obviously not right for you. There are various strollers for different lifestyles:
•Travel systems- These are usually sold together with infant seats which you can snap onto the frame. However most of these infant seats are often of poor quality. In addition, travel systems may increase the temptation of keeping the baby in the infant seat for extended periods of time. This is not recommended by pediatricians since it may enhance the risk of the child developing a misshapen skull (plagiocephaly) and may also affect the baby’s breathing.
•Stroller frames-These are inexpensive and also use infant seats. You should also avoid since they have the same problems as the travel systems above, unless you ensure that you use them only for short trips.
•Standard and lightweight strollers- This is the biggest category. Besides testing the folding and pushing, look for those with reversible seats which can be adjusted to lie flat (very ideal for napping).When your baby lies facing you, you will be more likely to talk to her or him, and this aids in bonding and language development. Remember to check the wheels-if they are made of plastic, do not buy the stroller.
•Joggers-There are mainly two types-those with a stationary wheel and those a front wheel that swivels. While the fixed-wheel strollers are less maneuverable, they are more stable and less likely to flip when you are going fast. Also check for the handbrake, since yanking the stroller back with a strap or your hand may result in flipping when you have to stop suddenly. It is important to remember that joggers are not safe for babies below six months(or those babies who are unable to sit up)
•Umbrella strollers-This will be the stroller that you will finally use. This is because they will normally have less seat support and structure, and are therefore suitable for older babies who have the strength to sit without being assisted. They are generally very affordable.

Features, extras and customization

There are certain features on the stroller that can make your life as a mum easier. Examples include a snack-tray, cup holder or a nice-sized basket. Other features can make the baby’s ride a little bit more comfortable, like a big canopy and a cushy seat. Also look out if the handles can easily be adjusted for height. Other useful features to look out for include snap-on holders for cups, sunshades and even sheepskin liners. There are many extra features to choose from, depending on your preferences. The best thing is that you can add these separately if the stroller you choose is deficient in one area.

Stick to your budget.

When searching for your best stroller, you will need to have a budget. You do not need to spend a fortune to buy your favorite stroller. You can also find superb deals on quality used strollers online, for example on the Craigslist website .They may also be available in various children shops in your local area. If have already searched online for your favorite strollers before going to the stroller store, you can inform the store manager, who may be willing to match the cheaper prices. However, whether you buy new or used, it is absolutely critical to check the safety record of the manufacturer. Also ensure that the model you want does not have recall issues. You can do this easily and quickly on consumer safety websites like the SaferProducts.gov

Get clarification about the return policy.
Look for reasonable return policies and 100% satisfaction guarantees. For example a return policy of one month is difficult for you especially if the stroller is a gift. Also ask if you will foot the shipping bill if you have to return the stroller to the manufacturer in case it needs repair during the guarantee period.