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Plasma Cutting – Follow the Guidelines to Get Maximum Output!

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When you are thinking about the plasma cutters, the very first thing that comes to mind is that these machines are super easy in terms of operating them. Dissecting the metal sheet and making cuts is always an enjoyable process but there is the need for a solid practice. Once you can do this, you will become a professional in this business. In order to appear as a professional operator of plasma cutting machine, you need to look for the guidelines, instructions and safety measure very keenly. This may take some time, but your practice can make you a perfect plasma cutting operator. There are also a few measures and guidelines that you need to follow in order to get this job done in a perfect style.

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Umbrella Stroller 101: All You Need to Know about Umbrella Strollers

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If you notice your baby getting too heavy to be carried around in a car seat, you probably need to invest in a bigger yet lightweight stroller. An umbrella stroller can ease your problems because you can easily fold it into a lightweight and stick like form; making it incredibly easy to carry around.

In this article, we tell you all about umbrella strollers, why you should get one and what to expect from one.

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How to Eliminate the Chances of Error During Plasma Cutting?

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There are a few things that plasma cutting machine operator needs to keep in mind while looking forward to complete the job perfectly. These days, you can find precision plasma cutting machines which are used to get accurate as well as intricate cuts. But the basics for the machines remains still the same. Proper maintenance and replacement of parts during the right time can enhance the productivity of the machine and also the effectiveness of the cut. When you are looking forward to get the right cut and also wish to maintain right quality for it, you need to have a keen look at the mistakes that can happen during such process and how they can be eliminated. Having right kind of ideas related to this business can even help you to increase your productivity as an operator.

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Plasma Cutting Errors And How To Avoid Them!

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For just any work, attention should be given to the details in order to eliminate the chances for errors. The same sort of saying is also applied for the operations like plasma cutting. If this type of work is done with a higher level of attention, then operators can easily eliminate the chances for odds to a great extent during the production hours. There is also an old adage like Measure Twice and Cut Once. This is also applicable for the plasma cutting operations. This adage is still in the line and applicable for just any operator who is involved in plasma cutting like work.

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jk51f1-The development of plasma cutting technology can be traced back to in the year 1941. This is when the United States Defense industry was looking for more advanced and effective ways of joining light metals together for assembly purposes.

The joining of light metals was key especially during the production of military airplanes.

The efforts to looking for better methods for joining and cutting metals gave birth to the discovery of the plasma cutting method.

First, an electric arc was used in the melting of metals. An inactive gas like argon was then used to ensure that the cutting region was shielded from the external atmosphere so that a perfect and clean cut could be produced. The inert gas also ensured that the molt from the process does not pick up oxygen by ensuring the oxygen is displaced.

The new process that in cooperated the use of TungstenInert gas by then was very satisfactory as it provided high quality welding.

As this welding process gained popularity by using gases like argon and helium, industries thatmade good use of discovery became the industrial manufactures of the gases. The most popular one was the Union Carbide’s Linde division that became active besides experiencing remarkable success while using the Tungsten Inert Gas process.  Today the process is known as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW).

In the 1950s, Tungsten Inert Gas had its roots well established as a new method of cutting metals. It provided high quality welded products.

Further development was made by scientists who discovered that by reducing the size of the nozzles further then the properties of the working machine could easily be altered.

It resulted to increased speeds with the arc’s temperatures rising dramatically making the ionized and non-ionized gas have a higher speed that was able to push the molten matter at higher velocity. The resulting process or action then turned out to be a cutting and not welding, the cutting was as a result of the plasma jet.

How to change the characteristics of the plasma jet


The various features of the plasma jet can be altered in different ways so that different desired properties can be achieved. By changing the type of gas used and also the rate of flow of the gas a different cut quality can be achieved.

When the arc current, voltage and nozzle sizes are also changed, the following effects are realized:

  1. When a slow flowing gas is used, the plasma jet becomes more concentrated with heat source leading to welding effect.
  2. By increasing the speed of the gas, then the speed of the plasma increases hence ejecting a molted matter as an effect of the super-hot plasma hence cutting through the work-piece or metal.

Convectional Plasma Arc cutting


In 1957, a plasma jet generated by constricted techniques was introduced in the market by the Union Carbide’s Linde Division.

Dr. Robert Gage in the same 1957 obtained ownership that saw the company (UCLD) gain a high level of monopoly in the metal cutting industry that lasted 17 years.  This style was used to cut any metal with at very high speeds.

The plate had its thickness range up-to 10 inches of stainless steel or aluminium. The drawback for this process was that there rarely existed an industrial cutting scenario where the metal exceeded 2 inches. This resulted to metals with beveled cut due to imbalance in the way heat was introduced at the cutting point.

The heating effect or imbalance was reduced greatly by having the torch placed very near to the metal being cut and also by having the nozzles constricted. A constricted nozzle caused the temperatures of the system to be more extended and uniform.

By ensuring this, the cut became square,but this didn’t solve the woes, it led to formation of two arcs a phenomenon that is known as double arcing. This effect resulted to the damaging of both of the electrodes. This was as a result of increased constriction of the nozzle system.

This was a common thing way back in the mid -50s making scientist to dive deeply in trying to research for the possible solutions to it.

When plasma arc cutting is being performed, it is referred to as convectional plasma cutting; it is very tiresome to do convectional plasma cutting if the operator is cutting metals of a wide variety and also metals with different thicknesses.

It always prompts the operators to use different gases at specific times when for instance he/she is cutting aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel all at the same time. This is the only way an optimum and high quality cut can be achieved for all the three different types of metals.

Convectional Plasma cutting was a very common mode of cutting metals especially between the year 1957 up-to 1970. It required very expensive mixtures of hydrogen and also argon gases.

Dual Flow Plasma Arc


This technique was developed and then owned by James Browning and Thermal Dynamics Corporation in the year 1963.

The Dual Flow plasmawas a modified version of the convectional plasma cutting. Though the features were the same, in the Dual system a secondary inactive gas was usedin the Dual system. This secondary gas that was essentially an inert gas provided a shielding effect.

The gas provided an inactive environment that could prevent the cutting area to fuse with other atmosphere elements like air or oxygen gas which was necessary when cutting mild steel and stainless steel when cutting aluminium metal, argon gas or hydrogen mixture is mandatory.

The cutting velocity and quality on aluminium and stainless steel were nonetheless the same with the conventional process.

The Dual flow approach had an advantage coming with it;the pro was that the recessed nozzle could be replaced within a ceramic gas cup hence preventing any chance where the nozzle can short with the work-piece.  This ensured that there was not case of double arcing.

The shield gas also provided a protective cocoon around the cutting zone therefore improving the cut quality and velocity while at the same time being a coolant to the nozzle and also the shield cup hence reducing the wear and tear effect caused by friction.


5 Best Umbrella Stroller Models

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Choosing the best baby stroller can be a little overwhelming as there are so many options available in the market. Umbrella strollers are best suited for commuters living in a busy city where there is often a lack of adequate space. You can carry these around with ease as they are lightweight and can be folded easily. As parents, you want your baby umbrella stroller to be the best within your means. With a little market research and a look at the best models available, your decision making process will get a lot easier.

Here are our top five baby strollers that you definitely need to have a good look at.

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Why Strollers Make a Fine Present for New Parents

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Why Strollers Make a Fine Present for New Parents


Upon the arrival of a new baby, one of the biggest purchases that parents need to make is a baby stroller. Are you thinking of what to give as a present to someone close to you who has just had a baby? Think no more. Baby strollers are fine presents for new parents, as it serves the purpose of keeping the baby safe as well as being convenient for the parents to roam around town with the baby in the stroller, instead of carrying them around 24/7. If we put it simply, strollers can make life a great deal easier for new parents. It helps parents get back to their daily routine more quickly, just by simply putting their baby in the stroller, which eases the pressure of carrying them around all the time.

When it comes to newborns, they need to lie flat and have to face the person carrying them when going to the supermarket or even for a walk. The parents are then comfortable to shop while the baby is lying in the stroller. You can even make them sit with your help. For newborn babies, strollers with reclining seats are best fitted at this stage.

When the child is around 6 months, they are comparatively independent and learn to sit on their own and there is no need for the reclined position. At this stage of their development, strollers become rather useful, as taking them outdoors in a stroller helps parents to introduce them to the world around them. They can sit and watch the world go by, enjoying the little joys of life and the parents can alsorelax and adore the moments.


Walking in the park or in the mall can be tiring, even for adults like us. So imagine toddlers roaming around the mall and the unnecessary strain it can put on their tender feet. We would most definitely not want that, would we? This is where a stroller comes in. It is the perfect solution as it delivers greater mobility for the tired little ones. Besides providing the child with a comfortable, and not to forget, safe ride, most strollers come with a storage space at the bottom, which makes them ultimate shopping companions.

Strollers are not only aid in the baby’s development, but they are also quite helpful for the parents too. Parents who are looking for something that is convenient, easy to handle, and safe may find that a stroller is just what they are looking for, which is why it serves as fine presents for new parents. It not only eases the pressure of handling the baby, it also lets them go about their routine, without much of a hassle.

So after going through the whole thing, you probably would not be confused about what to give to new parents. While strollers may go slightly above your budget, it will truly be a thoughtful gift. In addition, it is something which the new parents will be able to put to good use.